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Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Update!

Oh hello you dreaded Monday.
You really don't do anything wrong to me, except exist.
It's not you, it's me.

True to fashion, this weekend went by in the blink of an eye.
I did get to do a lot of fun things though so you will not hear this girl complain!

Immediately after work Friday I went to pick up my sweet Nephew and took him for ice cream. 
It had been a long week for both of us, so I felt we deserved it. 
In an attempt to channel Justin, Landyn put on his tie and sunglasses. Seriously, too cute for words.
 We went to a friends house for game night on Friday. Battle of the Sexes.
Sadly, the boys were the victors on this night. We'll get 'em next time!
We got home way too late Friday night and I had an early wake up call of 7 am. Not so fun on your day off, or ever for that matter.
My friend Jen got us passes to the Surf Expo because her company makes swim and beachwear.
It was really cool to see all the different brands. Not to mention, it reminded me that swimsuit season is just around the corner. Insert gag face.
Nothing makes you want to starve yourself more than seeing gorgeous models in bikinis all day.
Saturday was a long day so we ended up finishing it off by BBQ'ing at a friends house and then going home to watch Miss America. I was REALLY rooting for Miss South Carolina, but she ended up being the 1st runner up.
I'm just glad the new Miss. America is blonde. REPRESENT ;)
On Sunday we went to the I Do Downtown Bridal Crawl.
It's a super fun event where the different venues in Downtown Orlando are all set up for a wedding with different vendors at all the different locations. It's such a great way to plan for a wedding and get to meet with all your options in one place. 
We were well fed by all the different caterers and never had an empty glass. They had fun photo booths set up, DJ's, wedding coordinators, cakes, centerpieces and just everything to do with weddings. 
I got pretty tipsy from all the alcohol they were feeding us, but we had an absolute blast with the bride to be. 
I wasn't quite ready to quit drinking yet so luckily I met up with the boyfriend at our friends house for 
a few more drinks and caught a GORGEOUS sunset. I truly don't think it can be beat.
We headed home and settled in bed around 7:30 to watch the Golden Globes. 
While the speeches generally bore me to tears, I do love seeing the fashion.
Here are my two picks for best dressed this year!
Kate Hudson looked flawless in this black Alexander McQueen gown.
& Hayden Penettiere wow'd in this white Roberto Cavalli dress.
I love the simplicity of both hair styles. It really gives them a more feminine look, in my opinion. 

That's my weekend! Back to the grind of work, dinner, sleep then work again!
Looking forward to this 3 day weekend coming up :)


  1. 1. Holy crap, Landyn is looking SO much older. I can't handle this.
    2. Skateboarding Bulldog, how in the world did you keep this from me?
    3. Remember that one time the lady called my Ms. South Carolina and you Ms. New york?
    4. Sunday was a blast, now I'm being "tortured" at work

  2. You blog title is the best thing ever, new follower fo sho!

    That nephew is so precious and handsome!

    I've always wanted to go to a bridal crawl just to check it out, sounds fun.

    YAY Miss America :)

  3. so weird... i played battle of the sexes this weekend too! and bridal crawl?! that sounds amazing!

  4. That sunset picture makes me want to pack my bags and move as far away from the cold as possible, gorgeous!

  5. Your weekend sounded like a blast hun!! Landyn is just the cutest! I've always heard of those bridal things but i've never gone because I know me and I'll probably get all bitchy and depressed do to the circumstances lol!! Florida sunsets are just the best aren't they?! Have a great week Steph <3 xoxo

  6. New follower! Your nephew is ADORABLE!!!! he has great style! ;)