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Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinterest P.I.

You know what really grinds my gears?
Things on Pinterest that I can't find anywhere.

Trust me, I'm not your average joe when it comes to finding people/places/things on the internet. I could easily start my own detective agency based on the tricks I have up my sleeve.

Let's get down to the real issue here. 

There's this birthday that I have every year on July 6th. This year, it falls on a Saturday so we are spending an extra long weekend at the beach to celebrate both the birth of yours truly and the independence of the good ole' US of A. 

Fireworks, 4th of July, friends, birthday, alcohol & beach - count me in X 10!

Anyhoo, once I laid eyes on this adorable, festive, dream dress, I knew it had to be mine.
After doing what I do (aka doing a goole image search to find everywhere that the dress appears on the internet) I found out that it was created in Photoshop and doesn't even exist.
WHO would do such a thing?

I mean, there is nothing that explains my reaction better than this:
If any of my friends friends in blog land know of someone who is handy with a sewing machine, please send them my way. I'm not giving up on this just yet!

I know what you're thinking, her life is so hard ;)
Thanks for listening to me vent!


  1. UM, I love that dress. and I want it. Make it happen

  2. I NEED THAT DRESSS. dangit. yes, i HATE when that happens!