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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Still waiting...

Remember that house we spoke about back in early January?
You know, one of the last times I blogged :X

Oh yes, this is the one.
Well, the offer was put in on December 29th. Back in February, they countered with the original asking prices and we (ahem, Justin) accepted. Then they countered again for 25k more & we walked away. A week later they came crawling back telling us that they've decided to accept the offer for the original asking price. As peculiar as I thought it was, we were thrilled.

The inspection was completed back in March and it's been nothing but a waiting game ever since. We haven't heard from the bank on when the closing will be, or confirmation that we fully have the house. 

When they say buying a short sale is a process, they aren't lying. That's for sure.

Do they not understand how many additional projects I've found on Pinterest since January? I mean, I have 6 different laundry organization projects alone... & that's my least favorite topic ever.

Let's just hope this doesn't last too much longer or I'll be knee deep in projects with no home to showcase my work!

Fingers crossed XX

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