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Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

It's OK Thursday with Neely!

This week, it's OK...

that I went to dinner last night and had a few glasses of wine and that was considered an eventful night. I came home at 11 and felt like I was out until 3AM. I'm definitely getting old!

that I didn't get to eat my chicken mini's from Chick Fila today until they were cold. They weren't as good, but still hit the spot. If you haven't had these delectable breakfast treats before, I would definitely recommend trying them sooner rather than later. The bread is out of this world! 

Back to my point - the ONLY reason why it's OK that my food was cold was because it was for a good reason. I had to get to work extra early to decorate Kate's desk for her birthday! :) 

Please don't make fun of the crown because..
A. She'll be wearing for the AT LEAST the next 8 hours 
B. I did what I could with the supplies that I had, in a rush. 

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIEEEEE :) I'm working on changing what I call her back to her mother given name, Kate, because when she gets married in June her name will be Kate Milton. Pretty hip name to have these days, if I do say so myself! 

that my boyfriend and I are both feeling the itch to travel. We decided to book a vacation for the very near future to anywhere that has crystal blue water. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Send them my way. I'm all ears :)

Preferably places that look like this, but not on a 'this' budget - if you know what I mean ;)

that I think I'm about to become a soccer coach for my 2-year old nephew's team. They have been looking for one and sent out an email yesterday saying that they still didn't have a volunteer. My skills have never included soccer, but how many rules could there really be for a bunch of 2-year olds? 

that, once again, I have an action packed weekend. I absolutely love always having something to do, but sometimes I want to have NOTHING to do - for just one day! I know I'll have fun though, so no complaints here!

that I still haven't painted my nails this week. My nails are naked and I'm definitely not feelin' the look!

that I'm picking up my nephew at daycare today and then he is spending the night with Auntie tonight. I'm SUPER stoked, but I know that my lack of sleep will reflect in my mood tomorrow. But, every extra second I get with him makes everything else OK :)

That's all that I've got today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good luck with the coaching! I played soccer for so long, and I've always had it in the back of my mind that I'd like to coach. 2 year olds would be a challenge!

  2. so my cousin, katie's birthday is today, too! weird.

    cute blog. stopping by from the vintage wanna bee..following you now!
    you and your boyfrand should go to jamaica! i loved it. the culture is awesome.
    hope you'll check out my blog.. mybagofsunshine.blogspot

  3. I haven't tried those, but I love anything from Chick-fil-a!!
    I wanna go on a beach vacation : (
    Also, I think you should definitely coach his team (if you have the time)!

  4. i love pretty much anything from chick fil a... had it for lunch today actually ;)

    and how sweet of you to decorate her desk! so fun.

  5. Anything from chick fil a is delicious!!!! We have been wanting to travel lately, too. I'm dying to go somewhere beautiful!!