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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My weekend in photos.

Instead of explaining each detail of my weekend, I decided to show you :)

After getting off work Friday, I picked up my little munchkin from daycare, played with him for a few hours and then dropped him off and got ready for a fun date night out :)

We went to a place called Gargi's Lakside right on Lake Ivanhoe in Downtown Orlando. 

In my opinion, nothing beats the Orlando skyline. Something about this town just makes me feel secure. It has, and always will be, my safe place

I sipped on Fox Hollow Chardonnay. It was the first time I had tried this particular brand and, to my surprise, it was incredible.  For dinner, I had a linguine aioli dish with shrimp (top left). To say that it was delicious would not be doing it justice. I ate every last bite.

Then we headed to this place called Jazz Tastings. It's a new Tapas/Jazz/Wine bar in Maitland. Once again, I went for my trusty Chard and was just as pleased. This one was called 746, or something along those lines. Then, we ordered some Beef Filet Tornados that were mouthwatering (bottom right). They are prepared with wilted swiss chardonnay (sold), saffron butter pons fondant, and a black beer demiglace. I was so stuffed from dinner, but we still ate every last bite!

Little photo sesh with my love

Saturday morning, Landyn and I had Chick Fila all to ourselves from 8:30-9:30. Once the big kids get there, it's not as fun. I'm too worried about them stomping all over him, so this was perfect.

It was my little cousin Prestyn's birthday party later that day. He had 12 of the 18 kids in his class come. I'm not sure if that's normal, but I was shocked by that number, especially because I hear he is a little trouble maker lol.. Go Prestyn!

Luckily, my Mema was in town so we went over to mi madres house after the party to visit for a bit. I ended up having a little nail polish accident, resulting in an entire bottle of Essie's Too Too Hot all over me, Justin, my Mom's wall and wood floors. If you aren't familiar with that colors, it's a BRIGHT coral/orange. Sunday, I had to go buy Justin new shorts because the nail polish stain was a little past what the washer could fix. I'm such a Klutz. 

Note to self: Make sure you put the cap back on after you are done with your toes and waiting to start your fingers. Also, be sure the cap is on before you shake it up.  

Saturday night, we went to dinner with our friends Mark & Jenn to none other than good ole' Outback. None of us could think of anywhere new to go. Outback is right up the road and it's always the perfect go-to for situations like that. Plus, they have the Bloomin' Onion, which none of us can resist. My entree never changes, 6 oz Outback Special (medium), baked potato (no sour cream or chives,) and green beans. Yum!

Then it was time to party! Justin and I headed downtown for Kate's birthday celebration. She is a country girl, so we went to a new country bar downtown to get her country fix then, after, we went to another place to dance!

Sunday, was my Landyn's first soccer practice! He is just too cute for words. He got his uniform and he is lucky number 7! :)
It was definitely a birthday filled weekend. Sunday night we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill for Justin's Mom's birthday dinner. She saw a commercial about their new Zucchini Fritti appetizer and picked the restaurant simply for that reason. We got an order of it, thinking we weren't going to like it. Well we all loved it, so we got another. The flavor was incredible and the fact that they were so thinly sliced made it feel so light. As always, I chose the Penne Rustica as my entree. I'm a creature of habit, what can I say?

We went home and had a little visitor come over for a few hours. This is Mason, you might remember his story from here. He's so adorable and such a little fighter.

After Mason and his Daddy left, we settled in with the movie Jack & Jill and a batch of brownies :) Perfect night in!

Looky, Looky- I got this in the mail on Monday. A sweet handwritten letter with a perfect color combo Koozie from Marley Lilly. Score!

On Monday, Kate and I headed over to support our company in their flag football playoffs. We planned on just watching, but they were a girl short. One of my co-workers had yoga pants in the car so I threw those on, borrowed some guys shoes and stood in to make it 3 girls. I had a good laugh at my own expense. 

Here are my enormous shoes.

Of course, I had to see my little man before heading home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing his face :)
My Mom told me that last night was the best night to see Venus, Mars & Jupiter so we had to check it out. 

Here is Venus and Jupiter, side-by-side. What a beautiful sight.
Well there ya have it. My weekend was complete and filled with everyone I love :)

That's all folks! 

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  1. looks like such a fun weekend! love the bloomin' onion...outback shut down in my town about a year ago :( I actually saw Venus and Jupiter tonight! so interesting!