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Friday, March 9, 2012


If you haven't already watched this video, I suggest that you do so. It's motivating and heartbreaking all in one.

The video was made by an organization called Invisible Children. After it was released, some people have spoken out against them, claiming that only 31% of the funds that the organization receives goes to helping people. You can read more about their allegations here.  Invisible Children updated their blog in response by including a pie graph of where each dollar goes. Their goal is to raise awareness of this issue, so I realize that are going to be a lot of traveling, film production, and marketing expenses.

The organization gives you the option of buying a KONY2012 bracelet, shirt or action kit, as well as the opportunity to give a few dollars a month to support those in need. However, their primary goal is to bring down the LRA and stop Kony - so your money is NOT what they are after.

Although there are always going to be those people that try to imply that someone's positive efforts are in fact negative, the point is that everyone agrees on the main thing, Kony must be stopped! 

If you haven't yet, please take the time to watch this video and sign the petition. I'm not asking anyone to purchase a thing, just to educate yourself on the subject. The United States will only use our resources to stop him until the end of 2012 so that's the deadline. The deadline to create awareness through every channel possible and the deadline to help those that can't help themselves. 


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  1. I watched this last night.. and as i was watching it, I heard cooper on cnn talking about it.. that little boy broke my heart when he talked about his brother :(