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Friday, March 9, 2012

Jewelry Dilemma

I've never been too interested with real jewelry. I know, what kind of girl am I? To be honest, I lose things daily and too many of my diamond bracelets, necklaces & rings have gone 'missing' in the past that I don't even allow myself to look at jewelry that has a price tag of over $20.

Not to mention, nothing is worse than losing something that someone else got you. The backlash is always 10 times worse. So, I have just sworn off diamonds and bling for years. My boyfriend can't stand it, because he always wants to buy me jewelry. I guess it's not such a bad problem to have ;)

But seriously, I switch things up so often that spending a ton of money on a necklace that I'll only wear once in awhile seems like a bit of a waste. To satisfy my addiction, I just buy tons & tons of fake jewelry. Crisis averted!

Here are some items that I currently have my eye on that go over the $20 mark. Gasp!

I've been wanting a sideway cross necklace for quite some time. This one is adorbs!

I love love key necklaces. This monogrammed one is genius!

Betsey Johnson, enough said. 

To put it in perspective. I could get everything shown in the photo below for the price of the Betsey Johnson necklace. 

When I spend too much on things, I have a huge case of buyers remorse. So what gives?

The question that I have for you ladies is what's more desirable - a few nice pieces or mass amounts of fake jewelry? #girlproblems

Thanks for all your input!

Going into the weekend, I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes :)


  1. I really like that cross necklace. I've never seen them before but now I want one!

  2. I used to lose a lot of my jewelry too so I also started to buy some cheaper pieces. haha

  3. OMG i LOVE YOU for posting this..i have been looking for that cross necklace FOREVER..omg i am so excited!! yay! check out my blog is you get the chance!

    Xo Kelly

  4. I can't really afford expensive jewelry, Like you mentioned, I like to change it up, so I can't justify spending a ton of money on individual pieces. Granted I make jewelry, but I still try to keep it affordable. Basically I agree. except for milestone pieces (i.e. engagement, anniversary) I'm more for the less expensive too.