Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn

I had planned to write a long updating blog post tonight, but my eye lids had other ideas in mind.

I definitely want to give a huge THANK YOU to Maggie for the sweet award she gave me. I promise to pay it forward just as soon as I catch up on my zzZZ's :)

This quick post will just be a quick update on my opinion of Breaking Dawn. Although I didn't go see it on Thursday night, I did finally go on Sunday, and then again tonight :)

I thought it was INCREDIBLE. I loved how they stuck to the book so perfectly. In my opinion, it was seriously the best one yet. Without a doubt. \

Playing the music from the first movie definitely helped evoke all those feelings back in me from when I first fell in love with the books and then the first movie.  I don't think they could have done it better. 

I'm off work until next Tuesday. Perks of having the best job, ever ;)

Bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow with Kate. I hope we can find the perfect dresses for us girls. One step closer to having everything checked off her long list of wedding to do's!



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