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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Couldn't resist another link-up with Jamie at this kind of love.

I'm loving that I saw white tents set up on my way to work. I'm pretty positive that Christmas Trees will be sitting under those tents any day now.

I'm loving that my boyfriend has off tonight. I'm thinking dinner & Real World before he goes out with some of his friends tonight.

I'm loving that I had Jimmy John's for lunch today. My friend and I are completely addicted.

I'm loving all of these cute jackets for winter!

I'm loving that I still think I have time to find this dress, buy it, ship it and wear it before it is too cold :) It's a beaut, for sure!
I'm loving that I only have two more days of the work week. I have nothing planned for this weekend, but I'm sure I'll have no problems finding something exciting to do!

I'm loving that the fall weather, along with the brazilian blowout, has allowed my hair to stay silky smooth without any frizz getting in my way.

I'm loving Monograms. I want everything I own to have my monogram on it :)

I'm loving Marley Lily- Sure wish I could be pimped out with all of her products..

Just some examples :) 

What are you loving this week?

Have a great WED-nes-day friends :)



  1. Those jackets and that dress, oooohhh! I am loving them!

  2. Seriously LOVE that Pink Jacket. Please get it!