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Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's OK Thursday

It's OK...

... that we had girls night last night and I didn't get to sleep until 1:30 AM & had to wake up early this morning for work. Honestly, I don't feel as tired as I should.

..that I have closets, yes that is plural, full of clothes and never have anything to wear. I'm a clothes hoarder, I wouldn't be surprised if I still have stuff from 7 years ago stuffed somewhere in there. In my mind, I'll need it the second I throw it away, that always seems to happen to me.

..that when I'm in the car with my boyfriend and I flip through the stations, I secretly hope that he doesn't hear a song he knows and make me keep it on that station.

..that I'm always tired lately but when it comes time to go to sleep, I can't seem to fall asleep for hours.

..that I want nothing more than a big greasy plate of waffle fries. 

..that my boyfriend doesn't have off any of the days that I do so it looks like a Winter vacay is out of the question. There is always next year (I have been saying that for 3 years.)

..that I keep telling myself I'm going to start working out and I haven't stepped foot in a gym. Maybe taking the stairs will make me feel a tad bit more productive?

.. that I might not be joining some of my old friends for a wedding this weekend in Miami as planned.

Wishing for everyone to have an OK AMAZING Thursday. :)


  1. mmmm fries sound delicious! I also keep telling myself I am going to work out and I haven't...I have no motivation!

  2. Waffle fries sound so good to me! Hope you're having a great Thursday!

    Following you :)

  3. MMM...waffle fries...way betterthan this stinky old chicken I'm Eating

  4. I flip through the radio stations hoping the same thing about my boyfriend hearing songs he'll know! I don't want to listen to your songs! Haha, too funny. ♥