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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just a few pins..

I'm exhausted tonight so I'm about to hit the sack a bit earlier than usual.

Before I go into a coma, I thought I share a few things that I found on Pinterest this evening.

How cute is this? Dumb and Dumber is definitely a favorite of mine.

Loving these hairstyles & wishing I could master this first look. Unfortunately, I never quite learned how to french braid. I'm still regretting that to this day.

 Just like any girl, I have been looking at dresses, rings, venues and everything that comes along with a wedding since I was young. Let's just say I had a Knot profile when I was 13. Anyway back to my point, this ring is to die for. I couldn't create a more perfect ring. This is absolutely 'the one.'

 I also found these cute little cupcakes to make for my nephews second birthday coming up in January.  He loves Elmo so I think we will be throwing an Elmo themed party. What a perfect addition to the menu!

Now that I'm done with the most random post ever, I'm off to bed. Ta Ta!

& one last thing... 

Happy Birthday to my sister. She is a pain in my butt 90% of the time. However, she did give me my amazing little nephew, so some appreciation is in order. She is still sick so we ordered Wing Stop at her request. Classy!


  1. Can't wait to do those cupcakes. Whenever you have a little boy, we're doing that Dumb and Dumber thing with the kids. That's hilarious!

  2. Great pins! I did those cupcakes for my daughter's second birthday and they were a hit. :)