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Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Wonders

Friday kicked off with a fun night with my boyfriends group of best friends and their girlfriends.

We went to see my favorite local band, The Murphy Project. They played downtown so we were able to bounce around to a couple different places before & after. 

The lead singer brought his girlfriend on stage and proposed to her. I was able to catch this sweet moment on camera due to the perfect angle I had.

Oh, and she said YES, of course! :)

The entire day we were all looking forward to our pickle shot ritual. In fact, we had two rounds. They were amazing as always.

Fiesta in the Park is an annual arts and crafts festival downtown. This year I was able to attend it both Saturday with a friend and then again on Sunday with my boyfriend, two of our friends and my nephew. 

We hung out with our old friend, Luke Bryan, on Saturday ;)

My boyfriends best friend was giving my nephew a birds eye view of the festivities and he was loving every second of it.

We had game night with a bunch of friends Saturday night. We ordered pizza, wings, had a few cocktails and played Guesstures. We all had a blast. There were many laughs at my expense. Let's just say I had trouble knowing where all of my internal organs are located.

Sunday night I went to a friends birthday celebration. They introduced me to a game called Flong a few weeks ago, it's beer cup and flip cup mixed together. My friend and I won 9 straight games, which brought tears to the eyes of many of the men there. That should keep sexist comments to a minimum.

Today, I had planned to get all of my errands and chores done. Unfortunately, my sisters health had other plans for me. She went to the doctor because she was sick all weekend and was hoping to get some medicine. She suffers from Asthma so they wanted to give her some medicine for that first so that they could accurately see how her breathing sounded. While at the doctor, they gave her the wrong medication and it caused an allergic reaction. From what I understand, she went into cardiac arrest and the doctors office called 911 and she was taken to the nearest hospital. Whatever they did in the ambulance seemed to have worked so by the time I got there, 30 seconds after the ambulance, she was fine. The nurses were less than informative and basically just wanted her to tell them what happened, while we were hoping to get the same information from them. They discharged her around 6 and she seems to be back to normal now, minus the whole original illness that she went to the doctor for. Oh and her Birthday is tomorrow so I guess we will be celebrating that at a later date.

Welp, that was my weekend. Back to work tomorrow!


  1. Such sweet pics. What a wonderful sister you are.

  2. oh wow, so glad your sister is ok! hopefully she gets better from her other illness soon!