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Sunday, November 27, 2011

SO grateful for everything

I feel that I have been extremely MIA lately. Most people have, It's the holidays. Personally, I haven't really sat in front of a computer for longer than a few minutes since I last worked on Tuesday.

Last weekend we met up with some friends at Old Town. They were attempting to do something different. If you are not familiar with this place, it is basically an outdoor shopping plaza with restaurants, rides, shops, bars, and LOTS of old fashioned cars. After about 4 or 5 drinks, something different turned into a lot of fun.

We had our pot luck at work on Tuesday for Thanksgiving. My plate was full!

Thanksgiving was filled with lots of family, friends and food.  We started the day at 11 at my Grandma's house for the first Thanksgiving of the day then left there and drove 2 hours to Sebring to my Mema's house for yet another dinner. My sister and I spent the 2-hour drive back listening to throw back music. 

I was full, happy, and grateful. 

My Mema & her feast :)

My Landyn <3

That night we went out with a few friends to the neighborhood bar, I had a few too many Vodkas and H2o's. Thankfully, I didn't have much to do that Friday. Since my boyfriend had to work, I ordered Bonefish take-out and rented Crazy Stupid Love and had a relaxing night in, I needed to save all my energy for Saturday's festivities. 

Saturday was the 29th annual Margarita Ball, It's a nationwide charity that is held for donating toys to less fortunate children for the holidays.  Every person that attends brings a gift for a child. It's a formal affair that is best described as adult prom. You get to get all dolled up, dance all night and indulge in as many margaritas and wine as you'd like. Of course, I chose to stick to vodka water. I say no to anything sweet, no one likes a hangover!

My Aunt and Uncle go every year so they are pros at the best way to spend the day. The ball is held at the gorgeous Omni Resort at Championsgate. 

We got a cabana by the pool for the day. We just relaxed, drank, listened to music and got pumped for the night ahead. 

This year my friend Steph joined us and we had an absolute blast.
My sister and I
My sister, aunt & uncle

The group before heading downstairs!

The gifts we brought...

Only one of the piles of all the presents donated.

Another pile of presents...

Not even half of the donated bikes!

The only thing better than seeing all those donated toys would be seeing the children's face when they opened them Christmas morning.

All-in-all it was a great day/night. Did I mention that my Noles pulled out another win, against the Gators? What a great ending to a perfect day :)


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  1. You look SOOOOOO beautiful in your dress, wow!!! Looks like a fun holiday and holy COW that is a TON of presents!