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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Help Find Us!

I'm not sure if I have expressed my passion for looking into missing persons cases, particularly children. But, I decided to start dedicated a post to that very subject every once in awhile. It truly breaks my heart to think of what these people have endured and what their families must be going through.

Here are just a few of the many people that are currently missing.

1.) Jennifer Kesse

She went missing on January 24, 2006 from my hometown Orlando, FL. From what the evidence shows, she simply vanished after getting ready for work in the morning. Her car was gone but was captured on a surveillance camera being dropped off in a neighboring apartment complex the same day she went missing. 

These are the only two photos that the surveillance camera captured. 

BOTH of them are covering, what I believe to be, the perpetrators face. Lucky break for him, but so unfortunate for everyone searching for her. There are no leads in the case and it's been six long years since her family has heard her voice.

2.) Sierra Lamar

This gorgeous high school student was last seen leaving for the bus stop near her California home on March 16 at 7:15AM. Unfortunately, her mother didn't report her missing until 5PM after the school emailed her to let her know that Sierra hadn't shown up that day. 
One day after her disappearance, police found her phone a mile from her house and 2-days after, they found her purse with her clothes folded neatly inside. A few days ago they found a box of handcuffs and used condoms near where she was last seen, but, at this time, they are unsure if it is in anyway related to the case. 

3.) Haleigh Cummings

According to her father's girlfriend, Missy Croslin, 5-year old Haleigh disappeared in the middle of the night from her home on February 10, 2009 in Satsuma, Florida. Haleigh's father's girlfriend turned wife during the investigation has given conflicting stories about what happened that night, so it's hard to trust anything she says. Croslin's grandmother says that Croslin confided in her that they tied Haleigh up with a yellow rope and a brick block and dropped her into the St. John's River.

Unfortunately, I believe that Haleigh is no longer with us but she deserves to be found and laid to rest properly and her killers deserve to be punished. 

If you have any information regarding the disappearances of these people, please call the crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS.

If that was an extremely upsetting post, I apologize. I just feel like touching on this subject every once in awhile and getting these stories out to as many people as possible is extremely important in finding missing people.


  1. We totally need to touch on the subject more often! It is DEFINITELY heartbreaking to read about but it is REAL.
    I just read a post yesterday from a friend who has a missing brother. Like I said... real and heartbreaking :(

  2. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy following these cases

  3. i am obsessed with missing persons cases too! the first one you posted I watched that 48hours episode on AWFUL! and that is SO the person who took her along those gates! im such a 48hrs junky, its nice to meet others haha!

    xx Kelly

  4. I always follow these missing cases. Its so heartbreaking and it makes me scared to have children one day! :(

  5. i share in this passion as well. i have heard about these cases and it just breaks my heart. i hope they can find these people, even if it is bad news...just for closure and to be laid to rest.