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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lacking motivation

Great weekend in the books. Lots of pictures to come later from both last weekend and this weekend. Unfortunately, the laundry that I needed to get to last weekend is still not done. That makes 3 weeks since I've done laundry? WOW - I'm horrible.

More in the "I'm a slacker" department...

The GRE is today at 1:00. I'm taking a half day from work in order to take the test before the deadline to apply to grad school. Well it's official, I didn't study more than an hour for the entire test. I don't know the format, the time constraints, the formulas or anything. 
Last night I got an email from the grad department at UCF saying what I needed to shoot for and it's about 40 points higher than I originally thought, which is one of the main reasons I slacked off on studying. But, let's be serious, the real reason is that I just didn't want to. I lacked motivation and I'll have to pay the price. That doesn't mean I'm not going to try my hardest, but realistically it's near impossible. However, nothing is completely impossible so here goes nothing.


  1. Good luck on your test! I haven't taken it yet. While I've washed clothes, I haven't put clothes away in 3 weeks, so you're in good company :)

  2. Good luck on your test! You will do great!