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Friday, April 27, 2012

What has the time gone?

In honor of the fact that it's Friday, I decided to update you on my last 2 weekends :)

Not his past Sunday, but the Sunday before, we went Pontoon boating on St. Johns River. Here are some shots from that lovely day :)
Monday it was time to go to Happy Hour to meet my friend, Steph's, new twins. And, we're not talking babies girls ;)
Shots were in order, obvi.
Kate and I headed to Kickball immediately following Happy Hour. Not the brightest idea, but we did stop and get like 6 32-oz Bud Lights (in a can, may I add)
Friday we had Loco. We pregammed in the car before. Total high school moment. 
The entire day was an absolute blast. We played volleyball, hung out with co-workers, flipped canoes, and then took the canoe out for a little ride. Unfortunately, we got stuck in a HUGE rain storm once we got 30-minutes out from the nearest human, complete with massive thunder and lighting strikes. Half of me was scared out of my mind, the other half enjoyed being caught in the rain in the middle of the woods. 

My sweet angel being perfect, as usual. The next JBiebs right there ;)
This past Monday I went to Happy Hour again with Steph and her twins. They gave her a sample in the cutest wine glass that we just loved! :)
Wednesday night we went bowling with a couple of friends. We're joining a league which I'm SUPER stoked about. Call me lame, but that kind of stuff excites me :)

Last night we went out to celebrate a friend's last day of college. Little did I know, I would be taking 5 shots and a few buckets. What's with me this week? I didn't make it sleep until around 2AM, but it was worth every second. 

I may or may not have played Call Me Maybe in the jukebox more than once ;)

Cherry bombs to celebrate!
 They switched to Rasp Lemon Drops and I stuck with old faithful, Cherry bomb :)
There ya have it. I've been a pretty busy bee lately. Immediately following work at 4PM we are going to Katie's first dress fitting. YAY! The wedding is exactly 2-months and 3 days away :)

Happy Friday!!

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