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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Help Find Us!

1.) Michelle Parker
The 33-year old mother of 3 young children disappeared from Orlando, FL on November 17, 2011 the same day she appeared on 'The People's Court' with her ex-fiance, Dale Smith, Jr. The last place she was seen was dropping off her 3-year old twins to her Smith's home at around 3:30PM that day. Her car was found abandon a few days later with all of the bumper stickers removed. A month after her disappearance her phone was found by a dive team in Lake Conway. To date, Dale Smith, Jr. is the prime suspect in the case.

2.) Lisa Irwin
On October 3, 2011 10-month old baby Lisa was abducted from her Kansas City home while she slept, according to her mother. After a night of drinking, her mother explained that she couldn't remember if she had checked on Lisa that fateful night. Both cell phones that were in the house were taken when baby Lisa disappeared. There were also two separate reports of a mystery man on foot around 1AM holding a baby that was only wearing a t-shirt. Could this man be involved in her disappearance? 

3.) Lauren Spierer
This young college student was last seen on a surveillance camera leaving a friends apartment on June 3, 2011 at 4:30 AM. After a night out drinking with some friends, Lauren was seen walking back to her apartment barefoot at the intersection of College Avenue and 11th street in Bloomington, Indiana. A person of interest in the case is her friend, Corey Rossman who says that Lauren helped him back to his apartment after he was punched in the face and suffered memory loss.

This is surveillance photo taken of Lauren on the night she disappeared.

If you have any information on any of these cases, please call the tipline at 1-800-423-TIPS!


  1. This makes me sad :( but I think it is so awesome that you are doing this.

  2. Very sad... it's scary to think about the crazies in this world.