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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Relay for Life

My Mema did great during the surgery and I couldn't be more thrilled. Truth be told, I had a horrible feeling about it and was scared to death. I ran up to the hospital on my lunch break and got to see her right after she came out. She was able to communicate by nodding but I know that the anesthesia is still wearing off. It hurts my hear to see her like that, in pain and all, but I'm SO happy that everything went well. The ICU has very strict visiting hours so I'm hoping they will allow me to see her again tonight after HH.

Now that I can stop worrying, I can share some fun news with you. Tonight, my work is hosting a fundraiser for American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Our company will also be participating in the overnight walk next month, but this is a Happy Hour function downtown. Everyone is welcome :)

Fundraiser's really touch my heart, even when I don't know the person it's for or anyone that has suffered from a particular disease. The thought of people joining together for a good cause just makes me feel happy. And, who doesn't love being happy?

Looking forward to having a drink with my co-workers, celebrating my Mema's surgery success and relaxing after a stressful few days.

TA-TA :)

1 comment:

  1. It's really hard seeing someone you love have to go through all of that! I'm glad to hear that the surgery was a success:)