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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Join us over at Jamie's blog for What I'm Loving Wednesday! 

I'm loving that we are going to Olive Garden on our lunch break today. I've been craving their soup and breadsticks for far too long! 

This little treat looks tasty, too!

I'm loving that I'm going to St. Augustine this weekend to visit family and celebrate Easter there. 

I'm loving that I'm taking my GRE on April 26th. I know it sounds horrible but I'm pretty sure I'm going to do terrible. I started looking over some stuff and it's just not stuff that I feel like I'm going to be able to master in a few short weeks. To be honest, I know I'm not going to dedicate enough time as I should to it, but hopefully I surprise myself. I either get in or I don't. Not stressing.

I'm loving that I signed all my paperwork yesterday to make it official. 
I'm loving that this Friday will be my first paid holiday off at work :)

I'm loving that we have decided that we're going to New Orleans from June 1-4. May & June are going to be busy months for me - without a doubt!

I'm loving that with a few accessories these dresses could be adorbs!

I'm loving this top that Emily Maynard is wearing for her promo photos. Let's face it, I'm loving e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g about Emily. Only a few more weeks until her premiere. She deserves happiness.

Well that's what I'm loving this week. What are YOU loving?


  1. All of those dresses are adorable!

  2. When does the bachlorette premier?! Is it that soon?
    I am jealous of the olive garden! Wish they had them in Canada!

  3. Love the dresses. Could use them in my closet for the summer :)

  4. I love that third dress, the colors are so pretty!

  5. I always was a big fan of hers... sad it didn't work out with Brad... wonder whats up with that? Happy to see her on the show though! I will probably actually watch again :)

  6. yummm olive garden!! i LOVE emily maynard. she is basically flawless

  7. St Augustine for Easter. That sounds pretty perfect!!! I want to spend Easter on the beach one year.

    I love Emily and I adore her shirt. She always looks so amazing!

    Happy wednesday friend!

  8. Mmm. Olive Garden is the best lunchtime treat! And I love that bouquet Emily is holding - too great!